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David T.

I found myself drawn to '' because of the very thought that those words conveyed, when first seeing the Link.

Upon Clicking the Link, I discovered that the logic of ALL anti-government voters getting together with one single voice ~ whatever their politics, views, loyalties and activities might be ~ was inescapable. This present Government is only in power because of the fragmentation of the Opposition parties ~ putting up a single candidate, rather than multiple candidates ~ in many of the country's constituencies would have prevented a Tory victory.

That simple logic persuaded me to become a Member.

Once having joined, I became even more enamoured by the idea behind the Group by the conviction, vision, commitment and endless hard work of the Group's founder, Colin Blakemore, as well as that of other Team Members, who are, increasingly, adding their voices, ideas and efforts.

That's it! I'm here. I'm a Member. I'm ever hopeful and this is my Testimonial.

David T.

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