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You are invited to join us in "Remove the Tory Government" if you would like the current government removed from power and new parliamentary and electoral systems to be put in place. Please read ALL the following information BEFORE completing the form, as you are confirming that you agree to everything written here when you join us.

There are two types of membership depending on your circumstances:

    • Registered voters

      Registered U.K. voters will be counted in our total of electorate members and once we reach the required total in excess of 50% of the total electorate, their confirmed details along with those of the other registered voters in our membership will be presented to the government and the Crown demanding that the government stand down, as our membership proves that they do not have the support of the majority of the electorate as is required in our democracy for them to govern. To join us as a registered voter you must provide your full details, including your full name, date of birth and your registered address as on the electoral register. You will also be required to confirm that you are a registered voter (if you are not you should register before making this declaration.) This declaration is a legally binding statement and if proved to be false you could be liable to prosecution. You may also be required to provide a form of photo ID to confirm your identity.
    • Affiliate Members

      An affiliate member is someone who is not a registered U.K. voter, and who wants to help us by joining our group, but understand that they cannot be counted along with the registered voters. We recognise that there are lots of British citizens living in European countries who have been disenfranchised by the U.K. leaving the EU; having lost their right to vote in their adoptive home countries and no longer able to vote in the U.K. due to the 15 year rule and who want to try to help us remove this government. We also know that there are many who are unable to vote but care deeply about the country and in particular the effect this government is having on the future livelihood of their families still in the U.K.

First decide which description above applies to you and then please complete the form below (click on each one of the two links above for a full description of each type); you will need to confirm whether you are a registered U.K. voter or not in the form below.

If you indicate that you ARE a registered U.K. voter then it is imperative that you understand what is written here as you will also be confirming your electoral roll status and that you agree with the statements on this page; this will be the basis of your membership. If you should ever change your mind after joining then you MUST leave the group. By joining us you agree:

  1. That you request for us to represent you in this matter and you give us permission to do so.

  2. That you agree that your membership in "Remove the Tory Government" is to be regarded as representative of your vote indicating that you do not support the current government, elected in December 2019.

  3. That you understand and give your permission for us to use your data and present it to the government and/or the Crown and also to whoever else we need to, in order to achieve our aim.

  4. That in addition to not supporting the current government, you also support changing the current parliamentary and electoral systems as follows:

    • You would like the current government to be immediately replaced by a Temporary Government of National Unity, with the limited remit to implement the following two points ONLY and then to call a general election using the new electoral system.

    • To implement a new form of electoral system that produces a fair allocation of parliamentary seats in relation to the amount of votes received for a certain party or candidate. We suggest a form of Proportional Representation should be selected, discussed and voted on by the electorate.

    • To establish a new independent parliamentary watchdog to ensure the honesty and integrity of individual MPs, the government and Parliament in general. This watchdog should have the power to remove an MP, a political party or even an entire government from their positions in public office if wrongdoing of any sort by that body can be proved in a court. Any such removed body or person should be banned for life from public office. A new law will be required to set up this watchdog and give it the necessary powers.

We are commonly asked why we need all your personal information including date of birth. This is because we need to be able to prove your status on the electoral register. If you are registering as an affiliate we will still need you to provide this information, as it is a required field in the form and the database and you will not be able to register without providing it. Your data will be kept safe and used only in accordance with our privacy policy.

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