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IMPORTANT: Before clicking a button to JOIN US please make sure you have read the information below

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We MUST Remove this Government NOW!


Do YOU want to remove the current government?

If you do then we need YOU to TAKE ACTION to HELP US! The FIRST STEP is to JOIN our group; this is essential as we need the majority of the electorate to state their intention by being members. Next we need help, from all who are able, to share our message to reach the rest of the majority of the electorate!

Do you want to know
WHY you should JOIN us? Then please click on the questions below for FULL INFORMATION...
    • We are a community of like-minded individuals who are concerned about our country and its people!

      Whether you choose to read the rest of the information on this page or not, before you decide to join us please take note that we are a non-partisan group who are also non-political. We do not support or affiliate with ANY political party, we are not seeking to put any particular party into government. We are also non-political in the sense that we have no political views as a group, except those limited to and related to removing the government and achieving parliamentary and electoral reform, because of this we do not do political debate in our group; it is a rule that no politics are to be discussed or debated.

      Through taking a non-political stance, we believe it will be possible for us to bring together all those registered voters in the UK who want to remove the present government, this will inevitably include people who voted against them at the last election, those who have changed their minds since and maybe also many of those who did not vote at all but are also dismayed at the performance of this government and the affect it has had on their lives since December 2019.
    • The current UK Conservative Party government which was elected in December 2019...

      The UK government that was elected by a 37% minority of the British electorate, but gained an 80 seat majority in Parliament which has given them powers akin to those of dictators. We are clearly living in strange times indeed...
    • These self-serving, dishonest, corrupt, uncaring and incompetent politicians do not represent the majority of the people...

      The current Conservative Party government is not fit to govern and does NOT represent the majority of the electorate! The ministers in this government have proven themselves to be dishonest, corrupt and uncaring towards the general population. From day to day they are taking advantage of their undeserved 80 seat majority to make unchallenged changes to UK law with the objective of putting further and further controls in place to restrict people's freedoms. They have also wasted billions of pounds of taxpayer's money, much of it in contracts made with family or friends of government MPs and got nothing of value in return; like the contract with the ferry company that had no ferries and the millions spent on PPE which then couldn't be used!

      We have an incompetent Prime Minister who is a compulsive liar having been sacked from every job he has held for lying, even as a government cabinet minister! He lied to the Queen to prorogue Parliament for his own devious attempt to prevent parliamentary scrutiny of his government's plans and he now also believes it's OK to pass a UK law making it acceptable for the government to break international law! This corruption and lunacy must be made to stop!

      If you feel the way we do about the current government and do not want them to remain in office until the next election, then you must join us now, because individually we can do nothing about this situation which we abhor, but together, when there are enough of us, we will be able to change the system by getting rid of the current government AND the electoral system which serves ONLY the politicians NOT the electorate! We can't wait until the next election in 2024!
    • The first thing people say to us is "we don't want Labour, they are worse than the Tories!" We say, we are non-partisan and we do not seek to put ANY political party into power.

      Selecting a government to govern is, and always MUST remain, the decision of the electorate! We just want a system which is democratic, fair, honest and incorruptible. To achieve this aim it's not about putting any particular party into government, it's about fixing the broken electoral and parliamentary systems. There are lots of things that could be done to improve our system to make it fair, democratic, honest and incorruptible, a far cry from the current unfair, undemocratic, dishonest, corruptible (and corrupt!) system we have been living with for hundreds of years.

      We would like to see the first steps being taken to fix our system as soon as possible. Personally I believe we need a written constitution not rely on our unwritten constitution made up from arguing in court about how to interpret a constitutional law that is so old and obscure that no one really understands its intent. We believe the majority would like to see that too, but we will not decide things like this, the electorate will, as it should be.

      It's time for transparency and clarity in our systems. We also believe that the current First Past the Post (FPTP) type of electoral system is unsuitable as a political system which allows any number of political parties to stand for election. It is a system designed for a binary choice between two parties, and now in the UK there are many parties all trying to represent groups of people with particular views on varying things, such as the environment, etc. For a system to be fair, the people must all be represented in Parliament; this can only be achieved through a new electoral system such as a form of Proportional Representation (PR), where a party gets a percentage of seats relative to the percentage of votes received.

      In our last election, 37% of the electorate voted for the Conservative Party and they got a parliamentary majority of 80 seats, clearly not representative of the majority of people's views at all. The problem is that with this system the deck is stacked in the favour of bigger parties meaning that the bigger parties would never want to change the system, the current Tory government in particular would not want to change a system where a vote of 37% of the electorate gives them an 80 seat majority! Clearly we need electoral reform.

      All political views are things which should be debated and implemented within a fair parliamentary system which fairly represents the electorate views. Our starting point is to remove this corrupt government and fix the parliamentary and electoral systems to make our Parliament fair and honest. After that the electorate will decide through a fair election what the majority want and they will get appropriate representation.

    • By coming together as a Force to be reckoned with, peacefully, democratically and lawfully.

      This community is intended to bring together all those registered voters in the UK who want to remove the present government, this will inevitably include people who voted against them at the last election and also those who voted for them but have changed their minds since! Since 43% of the electorate that voted, voted for the Conservative Party, that means at least 57% of those who voted expressed a choice which was NOT this government. On top of that there will be many who did vote for them, but who have now become disillusioned due to the way they have acted since December 2019 and especially with their incompetent handling of the Covid-19 pandemic, plus the many who did not vote at all but may well be wishing now that they did, meaning that as much as 63% of the electorate could come together as a majority of the electorate to declare that this government does not have the support of a majority of the electorate as it must have, in accordance with the UN Convention on Human Rights section 21 to govern.

      The role of the Queen in this country is not clear as she always stays out of politics, however, one thing that is clear is that for a Political Party to form a government they must convince her that they have the backing of the majority of the electorate. Clearly if it is PROVED that the majority of the electorate does not support the government, then she must surely dissolve government and implement a National Unity Government, which we would suggest has a limited agenda of three things.

      1. To determine and implement a new electoral system which is fair, we would suggest a form of PR, but the actual choice should be put to the people in a referendum, which is then enacted by the government. Personally I would like to see political parties abolished and that all parliamentary candidates would stand as independents, but again being a political point, that's only my view; this would be a matter for the electorate to decide.

      2. They should set up an independent parliamentary watchdog with proper powers to prevent dishonesty and corruption in Parliament, anyone found breaking these rules would be banned from public office for life. This power should extend to removing a government if necessary and appropriate.

      3. They should then call an election under the new system. After that a government would be elected and politics would return in a fair and honest system.
    • There is strength in numbers and the pen is mightier than the sword!

      The first stage is to swell the membership as much as possible. When you realise we are seeking membership from the 2:1 majority who did not vote for this government (plus those who have since become disillusioned by Johnson's actions since taking power and some of those who didn't vote at all but have since wished they had) that's perhaps not such a hard sell.

      Stage two, after enlarging the membership to a significant number; say a million or so, that might perhaps be the time to step up the drive for more members, through increased advertising on social media, press, etc., as well as gaining free press coverage. Obviously, these tactics depend on having a good base to start from and some financial input (We have a crowd-funding page and will be carrying out other fund raising activities).

      Even when we reach the target of more than 50% of the electorate, the Westminster elite will want to cling on to power. There is no established existing legal process that I know of to deal with this situation, but "unprecedented" seems to be the word of our age, so we are certain that a legal challenge could be made if necessary when the majority of the electorate can be proved to be in our membership.

      The important thing to realise is that our broken democracy will never fix this. Even if the Tories are deposed via a conventional election, we will still be left with a broken, skewed system. This fixes nothing and leaves Britain open to another coup by extremists, as we have just witnessed. Alternatively, we could protest, demonstrate or engage in civil disobedience. None of these tactics has ever worked and, even if they overturned the government, we would still be left with a broken democracy (or, more likely, no democracy at all). Of course, the protests could become as bad as the French Revolution, but apart from all the horrific bloodshed and wanton violence, all the French ended up with was a new emperor; one despot replaced another. Another alternative is to create a petition, but having seen so many worthy causes simply ignored by the incumbent government, this seems futile.

      RTTG represents a new approach that, despite its simplicity and huge ambition, has a real chance of success. It is inclusive; you can join with any or no political affiliation, it is non-violent, seeking radical root-and-branch change using entirely legal methods; it is democratic; seeking to replace our undemocratic system possibly with a form of PR selected by the electorate, which, as far as possible, actually does represent the much vaunted "will of the people". You may feel this movement pie in the sky, but there is no reason why members cannot engage in whatever other forms of political action they see fit at the same time (as long as such activities are not carried out under our banner.) We are an inclusive group.
    • We plan for it to happen LONG before the next election.

      Of course it's impossible to predict an exact time frame to achieve our aims as it will depend entirely on how quickly we can reach our target of over 50% of the electorate, which in turn will depend on how efficiently we can reach the people we need to reach. It won't be a "hard sell" though, as we are not looking to change people's minds, we do not need to debate, we simply need to reach the people who, like us, want this government gone as soon as possible.

      It is worth noting that this group was founded on 21st June 2020 and after only 13 weeks had reached 4,600 members, whilst many "anti-government" groups on Facebook had reached half that number in 1 year or more. We have a rapidly increasing membership and a steady rate of increase in the new members from week to week; our plan depends on this weekly increasing rate of new members joining us to both increase the numbers, but also to increase the number of people helping us to share the message, as more join, the numbers sharing increase causing an increase in the rate of new members joining; this is known as exponential growth and if we can maintain an increasing rate of any more than one, then in time we will reach our target. In fact, our current rate of growth is over 1.5 and at that rate if we maintain it, we would reach our target in just 31 weeks. If each person that joined reached just 2 more people in each week who also joined we would reach the target in just 13 weeks.

      We are therefore setting a realistic target of 18 months; we will continue to monitor our rate of growth against this target to keep the team on track. So we are optimistically predicting that in 18 months' time we will be in a position to remove the government. Of course this depends on us getting as many new members every day and every week as we can and for at least a majority of them to help us in some way. We have many teams of members with various skills working hard to help our group succeed but we always need more. So, firstly please consider joining us, even if you are unable to contribute in any way, because we need registered voters in our membership to be counted, however, if you could also consider joining one of our teams to help us achieve our goals we would be extremely grateful and will be able to celebrate together sooner when we have removed this government and returned our country to some sanity.

      Finally, please note, that you don't have to be a registered voter to join us if you want to help us reach our goal; although you would not be counted in the final electorate membership, we would be extremely grateful for the help and I'm sure your friends and family and their friends and families, would benefit from you helping us as well.
So a brief summary of the MOST IMPORTANT POINTS is:
  1. We want to remove the current Tory Government by LEGAL DEMOCRATIC means relying on the WILL OF THE PEOPLE, not on protesting and demonstrating!
  2. SO, we need more than 50% of the electorate to join us to do this, so that we can prove we have a majority...
  3. We ARE NON-PARTISAN AND NON-POLITICAL, we welcome people of all (or no) political affiliations.
  4. Because we need to BE ABLE TO PROVE that we have the will of the people, we must be able to prove your electoral status.
  5. For proving your electoral status we need your electoral details which will be kept in a secure database which will be used for NO OTHER PURPOSE. If you don't feel you can give us this information accurately then please do NOT join and give false information; that will undermine us rather than help...
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